Monday, April 20, 2009

zoo? why for?

baby birds nesting in the laundry basket.
Okay, simmer down, baby birds!
Do NOT feed the wild animals. It will cause them to become aggressive and assumptive.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

just an update

Well we've been home from Spring Break for officially 8 days and I am now just writing this. Spokane was a great time, low key with lots of time spent with loved ones, mainly Grandma and Grandpa Martin and our dear Lynch "family".

And wouldn't you know that rascal Maggie "decided" to have her baby Wednesday April 1st about 12 hours AFTER we left Spokane! The nerve right?! No I am excited for Lucy Lauren is a breathing citizen now and decided to leave the womb a whole week before her due date. She must really love her mommy!

Maggie and I got some good quality time in before this of course, which included giant onion rings from none other than The Onion. We also had play time with the kiddos, where our daughter's became fast friends. Good stuff.

It was also special to see Bradie and Beau interact with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Stan, especially Bradie who didn't speak for about two hours after we arrived. Don't worry she busted out the charm soon after and enjoyed her week, which included a date with Daddy to her first movie on the big screen. Candy and soda completed the experience. Beau did well there also, walking better than he did the morning we left! Its like a little switch went off in his brain. He still cannot stand on his own without something vertical to help him, but I expect this switch will flip soon. He is also now totally weaned, which is a bittersweet relief.

We then journeyed to Grandma Janie and Papa Dave in Tumwater to say hello and pick up the dog which they generously baby sat for the duration of the Spokane trip...

And now we're back! For Easter and to see Auntie Caren who is visiting from Virginia. The only shadow is Grandma Janie is resting in a hospital bed after unexpectedly needing a few feet of small intestine removed! Crazy! If you are inclined to make any Petitions for a speedy recovery on her behalf, please do so.

Tomorrow we will ride back up to Gig Harbor to sup with my family and watch the kiddos hunt for eggs.

Let's see... I am finding some joy in gardening these days. We planted a window box and I have seeds fingers crossed! Beau loves to be outside and will beeline for any open door. He and Bradie have been known to hold hands in the car. They did so all the way to church last week. I took very few photos in Spokane but I will post those soon.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Last night Bradie and I are saying good night in her room. its dark and low key. Suddenly she says,

"Elmo doesn't have a real butt. It's not real. There's a hand."

So I say "yes, Elmo is a puppet. There's a man who makes Elmo sing and dance."

"He doesn't have a line like this", she says as she rolls over and points between her little cheeks.