Friday, October 15, 2010

What's an "ode", mommy?

Dear Bradie,
Won't you come and oblige mommy with your presence and smile at a birthday photo shoot? I know are busy in your worlds of make believe but your new dress and the bright blue sky were made for you...
I know this feeling. So does Homer Simpson. So does every human being. It is called "Doh!" Much of life will not even come close to perfect and that includes you... give yourself grace as you grow and learn, my dear.
Wearing your heart on your sleeve will get you into trouble sometimes. It may also make it easier for people to connect to you. I pray your authenticity only grows deeper and richer, sweet girl.
You love to laugh and have fun. Your laughing, candid smile melts my heart.
My prayer for you is that you continue praying. And that you would have a strong character. And that you will share your beauty, inside and out, with our world that needs it desperately.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Five Years Old

Our little Miss has enjoyed a weekend of birthday wonder to celebrate her five years! On the actual day of her birthday, Bradie went to preschool where she brought birthday snack, brought in a sharing item (think show and tell) AND was the star of the day! I mean, wow! And THEN on Saturday some little buddies came in costume to join our pumpkin covered house for a raucous party.

Here is Bradie in her ballerina outfit, a gift from Grandma Sally, which she LOVED. I did her hair up and even put make up on that sweet face. SO fun!
Close up of the sweet face :)
Here we are with our neighbor friends Corrina and Randi.
Even Mommy and Daddy dressed up :)
Here's a secret about Marcus: he is REALLY good at handling a group of littles. He would say "ears!" and they would all stop talking and cover the ears and look at him, waiting for instruction. Awesome. Here they are playing pin the smile on the Jack o' lantern.
And a little secret about me: I do not like planning parties. I like going to parties- that is my gift :)- but planning sends me into a little bit of a tizzy of anxiousness. Seriously, my eye was twitching for a week and a half! BUT I am growing. It is becoming a little easier for me and I actually had fun, which is a blessing for this non-planning planner :)

Our weekend of Bradie's 5th is still going on as I type! Grandma Janie, Papa Dave and Auntie Caren came up for today to have Bradie (who was NOT sick of opening presents) open some more presents!!! One of which was a brand new 16'' bike! Afterwards we hit the lanes for a highly competitive round of bumper bowl and then Famous Dave's for various sauce-covered meat products :) Now we fill the living room taking in Disney's souped up version of Beauty and Beast, courtesy of Grandma and Papa.

phew! What a weekend! Thank you to all our friends and family who helped us celebrate our BIG girl. I hope to post some more photos soon.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

And, finally, I present to you Shhhh.....

My dear Tiffany, whom I shared many a laugh, tears, peppering sweat fest, boy ogling, stalking Ed, the remaining hot rollers, and Saturday morning breakfasts with turned 30. That could be the most ridiculous sentence I've ever typed but I don't even care! It's my Tiffany! Her lovely family threw her a surprise party last Saturday and I had the pleasure to attend. What a blessing! A big thanks goes to my schwenktastic friend Christy who agreed to take my kids while Marcus finished up some basketball business so I could skedaddle down to Tacoma to be there before the big moment.

Okay, here we have some giddy party guests and my nostril. Erin, I told you I would erase this but its a cute picture of you and Cara as well. I was in Tiff's wedding with these gals and it was quite a treat to see them and meet their offspring since I HAVEN'T met any of them in person!!!! *hanging head in shame...*
Anyways... ah, yes. Here we have a peeking Jamie and Ludy, Tiff's sister and mom who worked hard planning this shindig... "shhh! She's here!" Jamie probably said "damn" during this part too but I was too excited. I'm sure she said it later.
SURPRISE! Please click on this to see Jackson's face too. Priceless.
Later on, little Avery helping mama unwrap some gifts...
And the grand finale! A book of Tiff's blog created by her family!
Okay, so this made me emotional. Tiffany received a book of her blog! I remember being so overwhelmed when Janie gave me the book she had prepared for me of this blog last Christmas. I was not expecting it at all and Tiffany clearly was not either! So cool! Tiffany is a great blogger and writer and I have been so blessed by it- I've known Tiffany's "voice" for many years and it helps me not feel so far from her to stay in the know at least a little. Well done Kory and family that produced this book- it is definitely something worth celebrating!

And, again and belatedly, Happy Birthday Tiffa! May this be your best year yet.