Monday, August 11, 2008

today's cuteness level: DANGER!

First bites are avacado.  Yummy!  He's a little more noodly through the torso than Bradie , but he definitely can lean in and communicate MORE :)
I grew this Zinnia from seed!  It is still unfolding as you can see but what a satisfying feeling :)  I also have a white cosmos that should be opening soon too!
Summer may be 2/3 over but never too late for a new, warm weather do!  One of my favorite people, Christy, cut Bradie's hair for me.  She did a great job and I love the cut- it makes Bradie's bangs make more sense.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

waddya think?

Here are some baby pictures to peruse.  Yes, I am aware that I need a scanner and a manicure, but don't be so judgy. :)
In order of birth we have.....

Bradie Ann
The Beauberry. BeauBeau. Mr Beau. Bubba. Beaubert. Beaujamin
This last shot is blurry but the expression is perfectly him.  It's fun to compare and of course fun for grandmas :)

I can hardly believe how big Bradie is getting!  I even got a little misty eyed as I skimmed the MANY photos we've taken.  Poor Beau!  I am also convicted as I need to snap more shots of his edible little mug because he's quickly approaching that older infant vortex in which they change with dizzying speed.

Marcus is on Order of the Phoenix now  **lonely cricket sounds** 

Stay cool everyone!  :)