Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love giving Bradie the camera once and awhile. I just need to check and make sure its off manual so the camera can select a different depth of field on its own.
Apparently they use helicopters to add new phone lines. It was bizarre. All day long, intermittently, it felt like we were on MASH. I kept thinking about that Chris O'Donnell/Mt Everest movie where you see the helicopters struggling in the thin air... obviously not thin down here, but watching the precision hovering made me nervous. Oh well. The kids liked it. Bradie also says "helleecopter" and sounds very British, which makes me smile.

I'm off to by some pseudoephedrine as I could not procure any last night at 2 am when we REALLY needed it :( Beau is a snotty, nonsleeper right now. I'm assured he will not use any to help produce methamphetamines... although granite falls is just down the road.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beau's one year visit was today! I am just beside myself at how fast his first year came and went! I had to post a one year pic of Bradie just because I love how different they look yet you can still see the relation and I MUST remind myself that Bradie was once a baby too...although this is beginning to fade into memory :(

Beau's stats as follows:
20 pounds 5 ounces 14%
29 1/2 inches 40%
46 cm head circumference 38%

Little man! Okay so I pulled up Bradie's one year stats today and they measured the EXACT same in length and Bradie was 3 ounces heavier at one year!

What tickles me the most is that their laughs are on their way to being identical :)

Gotta go hit record.... its Office time!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Check out my little weaner! :) On Thursday I replaced Beau's rather pathetic afternoon nursing with a cup of milk. Took like a charm. This has been the fastest year of my life, yesterday being a whirlwind. Grandpa Dave and Grandma Janie came to visit and got Bradie a new car seat so we could upgrade little mister to her FORWARD facing seat! He looks so tiny in it!

And later that afternoon Beau stood and clapped his hands THEN took three steps to Grandma Janie!

Big day.