Wednesday, March 2, 2011

uno, dos, TRES!

Beau es muy loco! Today we celebrated three years of Beau in our lives. It was actually a difficult day. Since I wrote last, Beau HAS peed on the potty countless times but is beginning that fence-dwelling stage with his, you know, number two. He thinks he MIGHT want to try it sometime, yet he completely hides and yells "privacy!" when he's doing the deed. Anyway, he is withholding a bit and that makes for a discontented soul. But after a dinner of his favorites, hot dogs and baked beans, nature could not be denied and we ended Beau's 3rd birthday on a HAPPY note! Looked at how relaxed he looks in this picture! I think the chocolate stupor and empty tummy combo did him good.
All in all, I think this kid's got a chance. He's my boy and he has stolen more heart from me than I thought I had in the first place.
If your curious about the "friends" in the background, that is Bradie's doing. They are the audience/partygoers of the big event. What a great big sister!
As for Marcus, he is currently watching some sort of dog and pony show on a tiny little tv...something about a new Apple product... an iNapkin or something. Marcus loves when I bust out my inner (outer?) Luddite. Marcus does not roll his eyes. Instead he furrows his brow and his eyes become tiny slits. The slits enable the malice to shoot out faster, like a laser, hoping to puncture my cold, cold heart. The nerdery is a desperate, yet loyal place.