Friday, August 27, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010


My kids are getting bigger! And more challenging. And lovelier because the challenge simply arises from the fact that they are becoming more like people. Beau has learned to stall bedtime by asking for extra hugs and kisses. His language has taken flight this summer and it's been a blast to hear him try new words everyday. He really needs a twin bed- I think he feels less hemmed in and cozy with the toddler bed, so he usually spends nap time in Bradie's bed.
Bradie wasn't all that impressed with the budgies at Woodland Park Zoo. Bradie cracks me up- she's been learning to read this summer and sometimes sounds out the words she's saying to me in normal conversation! She loves to crack jokes, act silly, and play elaborate pretend games.
I guess I failed to mention in my last whiny post that there were three other giants growing, albeit slower, next to one that was felled by that devilcoon
I am not sure that third, lower stock to the left of Bradie will bloom but it is still impressive. And redemptive.