Thursday, September 20, 2007

T minus one week....

Until the Office season premiere!  Oh yes.  I tried to get a picture of two of my favorite women ever for this entry but google is being persnickety.   I found an adorable picture of Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer.  Yes, I am a true Office nerd.  I even scavenged the Target $1 bins for magnets and magnetized note pads.  My favorite : I love Jim.  :)  I know some of you won't care, but that is too darn bad because you are missing out on an hilariously, cringe-worthy show.

Friday, September 14, 2007

turn sound on for full effect

This still makes me laugh.  Maybe you'll chuckle too.  This was after some trees were felled at the old apartment after the January storms.  Manly, lumberjack types.  Kills me.

Enjoy also the hairless wonder that was (and in some degree still is) our Miss Bradie.

Please fight the urge to rank on my camera work- our camera was brand new from Christmas!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

poster board and refried beans

Bradie has been napping every other day this week.  Its maddening.  Its dredging a sort of despair from the deepest, most selfish parts of my soul.  I know that in the big picture this will not be a big deal (hoping its a phase) and I'll laugh at the dramatic language I used, but in these moments it IS a big deal!  Bradie's not even 2 yet!  Please more year of naps I beg!

I sent her and daddy to Target to buy some poster board so I can blacken her room up a bit and see if that helps.  A little janky looking I'm sure, but I feel a little desperate.  Our glorious southern exposure is brilliant in our living room, but I think it may make Bradie's toyland bedroom a little overstimulating.  We'll see.

I am finally feeling the effects of 2nd trimester energy kick in...along with the cravings.  I have this shaker of Luzianne Cajun seasoning that I put on most savory food.  It's delicious on scrambled eggs.  Right now I want to have refried beans.  Marcus even got some at the store for me.  But it is close to nine and I will wait for tacos tomorrow to indulge.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

need some etiquette advice

There is a dog that lives kiddycorner to us that barks, literally, all day long.  A whiny, sharp bark. I've watched him, he also jumps up and on his owners sliding glass door.  Its sad really.  I don't know these people or anything, but I would love some ideas on ways I can address this issue.  

If you have a spare moment, I would love your opinion.

Monday, September 3, 2007

done and....done

with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Wow seems silly.  I also said, aloud, "are you kidding me?" as well as "this is freaking amazing!"  Marcus even stayed up with me so we could discuss.  For awhile, he tried to undermine my efforts with our Princess Bride DVD, but he underestimates my ability to mulitask my mommybrain and to completely ignore his desperate boredom (we have no cable yet and no new books to read).  I would like to be known now as: 

"the girl who finished" 

Please respond in kind

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I want somebunny to love

We took Bradie to the Evergreen State Fair today!  Her first fair trip and mine after several years of no fair action...I truly was giddy!  It was fun, a little harrowing with no stroller or other baby corralling device, and definitely busy on a Saturday afternoon.  I put a little note in Bradie's pocket with her name and our cell phone numbers, just in case.

We visited all the livestock and whatnot, which Bradie enjoyed immensely.  No camera, because we are lame, so sorry to grandmas! :(  Honestly though, having the giant Canon swinging from my neck as I labored to herd Bradie this way and that is not that easy.  That kid is a mover and a shaker, developing a penchant for running like Phoebe.  

It was a good trip, although I think Marcus is a little bitter about his choice of snack.  He got a funnel cake and a strawberry lemonade that set him back like $500, whereas I opted for the good ol Fisher Fair Scone at a bargain price of $2 (at one dollar a piece).  Stick to the classics I say.

For those who care, I am now reading the final installment of Harry Potter.  The Half Blood Prince was AMAZING and will make an outstanding film- can't wait to see all the snogging :)