Thursday, August 30, 2007

I like our new community so far. Really I do, but I must share a few dull, "seriously?" moments I have had.

While supervising Bradie at Lundeen Park, I heard a barely four-year-old use the "F" word twice. He was going to use it a third but I cut him off with an abrupt "Eeeeexcuse me?"  Same park, a little while later, a young man observed my daughter as we walked by to our car.  In a sort of accent he proclaimed that Bradie was going to be a ganster.  As he pimplimped away I didn't have the courage or energy to tell him that he was indeed a white boy.

All that aside, Lake Stevens possesses some of my favorite old friends and a darn good teryaki place called Midori.  It also has a Target and some other treasures I am sure.  Sarcastic complaining closed.

Good night.

Oh and for those who might care I am now immersed in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Late I know, but that Rowling woman is BRILLIANT!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

moved in.  still a little disheveled around here.  clinical for NAC training completed...yippee!!!!
Bradie enjoys her new digs.  I am EXHAUSTED....Hawaii anyone?

oh and heartbeat of pending Merrifield located on August 22.  I thought it would be like old hat hearing it...but I think God causes it to be the most spectacular sound no matter how many times you hear it :)

More to come I am sure! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

12.46 am

Yes. Still awake. Sitting here in my pajamas with my good old Breathe Right strip secured to my nose (a pregnant girls' best friend, sexy wife's worst enemy).  We signed all the docs today...officially closing tomorrow...keys on Thursday...THRILLING.  About to have a myocardial infarction, but in a good sort of way.

But there are a thousand and one things to do.  Maybe not that many, but I did enter a dozen into our iCal to remind us.  To do #15: find some stinking sheep to count or something.

We will probably move our stuff on Saturday.  We have no set plans for Bradie that day, so if you think of her, pray.  Maybe pray for me as well.  Tomorrow I have my Nursing Asst. final, in a week I have my clinical, somehow before I must produce two TB free documents to my school before aforementioned clinical .  On Saturday I am also attending a wedding in Gig Harbor.  I have no shoes to wear (ladies, you know) There's also an OB appointment somewhere in the mix...oy vay!

I just realized that was a pathetic sort of blues song of the privileged.  Therapeutic nonetheless to write it all down.

ETA: I think if Brad keeps writing funny blogs, I just might make it through.  Check it here

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Packing and Potter-ing

Don't ask me to find Frank's doggy shampoo, my yarn or any sweaters...I'm too busy cruising through the Harry Potter series!  I have just started the Prisoner of Azkaban- I am anxious as I thought this particular movie ROCKED!

Today we unearthed some items definitely in the "crap" section of our belongings but they smelled so nicely of Marcus' long-neglected pipe tobacco I couldn't bare to throw them out.  I swear that stuff, unburned, is better than potpourri. 

A little glimpse into the life of Bradie (I will interpret):
I take LONG naps
teeth move in gums...make me MAD
I grow therefore I EAT
I put swimsuit over shoulders reminiscent of stylish, drawstring back packs (ok, I coaxed this)

pretending is fun
styling mom's hair is fun
if I am barred from any fun deemed inappropriate by M or D, I get MAAAAAAD! (no Bradie, you may not stay out in the car and play with the buttons!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Harry finds the Stone!

I just finished book one- what a delightful story!  Can't wait to delve into #2.  A special thanks to Brad for loaning us the first three books in his HP collection.

So when do I get my scarf? Is there some sort of decoder ring that a certain bird of prey will drop in our window?  I know we are SO late to the bus, but it IS fun to be on board :)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Happy Five

years of marriage. We are buying a home you know, so we kept things low key financially this anniversary. We went to The Sportsman (voted best casual dining in Spokane in 1999) and I had some delicious country fried steak. For about a half an hour we were the youngest people in there. I'm pretty sure our waitress was named Flo.

Then we saw the Bourne Ultimatum. VERY fun. Somebody get that guy a chiropractor.

All in all it was a great night.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Welcome Brad

after much debate with Marcus and I, Brad has agreed to start a blog You should be excited about this! Brad is "good people", so check him out.

And also, with only a smidge of reservation, I'd like to point you to Marcus AND Brad's duel blog. It is titled The Motivaters in my cool peeps section. I recommend it only if you are not offended by occasional irreverence, dips to the gutter and downright non-sequiter. Or they could possibly deep and inspiring. If you choose to visit, think of it as a lottery or a box of chocolates...

Thursday, August 2, 2007


proceed with caution...

after watching Marcus and one of our oldest, dearest friends Brady, down some delicious beers at the Steam Plant Grill, I experienced one of the funniest "misheards" of my life. We had been discussing at length Brady's current dating status (intriguing and entertaining), when he abrubtly switched gears. But what I heard was:

"You know I have a zip line to my pants"

In actuality he said, "you guys are Napoleon Dynamite fans..."

yeah, it was epic.

*if you are wondering, this is the same Brady whom miss Bradie Ann was named after- thank you Maggie for the "who/whom" advice :)