Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First Bike Ride

Thanks to our new friends the Schwenkes, we have a loaner trailer to try out to see if something worth investing in- and judging by this expression, the answer is "heck yes!"  Check out the duck helmet too!  Bradie calls it her hoomit :)

Speaking of friends, I feel so blessed these days.  Marcus and I were invited to join a small group of four other couples for fellowship and study.  These people include old friends Mark and Lori, and some new "old" friends.  I say it that way because of how funny it is to meet up with all these people again after making acquaintances several years ago.  Thanks to the Malibu connection! :)

One couple, Jeff and Tanya, were on assignment at Malibu when Marcus and I were serving as Summer Staff- Jeff was on program and Tanya was a head leader.  Rich and Aly were up there the same time as well...Rich was the speaker!  A few days ago, I was flipping through the channels during nap time and saw Brandon Heath on like channel 19 or something playing some of his new songs!  Okay, God I get it! :)  So I walked down memory lane there for a few days really pondering all the great things God was doing during those weeks in June/July 2000.

Fast forward....now I am in a small group with these people!  It's pretty funny actually.  I mean literally...there's something about Younglife folks that cause both Marcus and I to feel at home. A shared vision?  A similar sort of take on incarnational ministry? People who can really laugh at life and themselves? Probably all three! :)

And this post wouldn't be complete without...

Yes, my mom's birthday is Halloween and if you knew her, you would know thats pretty perfect for her.  She's fun.   She's been bringing a smile to this world since 19... well, after World War II :)  Hope your having a great day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

de ja vu?

Today my friend Christy and I met up at Lundeen Park to feed the ducks with our short people. As we left, both of them had red cheeks and were in diapers only, their clothes wet from wading in the lake...on OCTOBER 23rd?!?!?!  Its totally nuts.  The wimsy-side of my brain appreciates it but the rest of my incubating bod does not!  I even gave Bradie a cool water bath tonight before bedding her down in her toasty bedroom.

Here are the stats from the 2 year visit yesterday, for those who like numbers:

nearly 28 pounds, 65th percentile
35 inches tall, 78th percentile
47.8 cm around her noggin, 58th percentile
and not to be downplayed, 2 stickers to make the whole experience, including one vaccination, bearable :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Money- some thoughts on last night's episode

*don't bother reading if you didn't see it...it will probably bore you :)

What a great, dare I say, classic episode of The Office.

The cringeworthy meets the poignant.  Blair Witch meets, uh, romantic gettaway.  

Cousin Mose in the outhouse.  

Jim comforts Dwight...resulting in an AWESOME tv kiss :)

I loved it.  It had a Season Two vibe to it, but with the richness of recent character development. These writers take the cake.  Any show that is committed to Harry Potter references is a winner for me!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a Bradie Ann-ecdote :)

Bradie wants herself and her three Curious Georges up on my bed where there is a pile of clean laundry.

She grabs a pair of my underwear. "shirt...Bradie's...mine"

"No, those are mommy's underwear."

She then steps into them and pulls them up to her chest, "booboos, booboos"

"Oh is that your bra, Bradie?"

She nods her head.  Bradie then grabs her smallest of the Georges and holds him horizontally across her chest.

I can hear her cooing very quietly.

I say in a hushed tone, "Bradie, are feeding the baby?"

She nods again, smacks her lips and says "sips, sips". 

Monday, October 15, 2007

the results are in...

And it's a boy!  Everything looks great and my due date was officially moved up from the 27th of February to the 23rd.  The twig and berries look really weird on the ultrasound, but much different than the three little lines from last time :)

The ultrasound guy said I will probably have to have another one a little later so they can get a clearer picture of the heart.  Everything looks fine, he was just having trouble getting a clear still shot of all four chambers.  They are there though.  Phew.  So is the brain.  Hopefully this will put an end to all those weird dreams I've been having.

Now much to do...boy names to research, paint to pick out, girl clothes find a new home for (yes!)... and let the bargain shopping begin!

I can't believe I am going to have a son.  What a tremendous blessing!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

cutie patootie

Okay, remiscient of funny Rosie, you know, Rosie without a platform, I find myself unable to avoid discussing my facial hair.

For those who know me well, you are already aware of my disdain for my eyebrows.  Or lack thereof. I have a sizeable forehead and no brows which, if I am not careful, can produce a conehead-look.*

Well this morning while slathering on the Oil of Olay (I know, shocking), I felt a weird....coarseness on my brow.  Upon leaning in, I discovered one brow hair, quite thick feeling and quite "clear".  

A gray brow???!!!! Or is it blonde?  Should I pluck it out?  I am a total newbie. I scratch it now and feels like a dried milk splash or something.**

Anyways, I will not be beading my brow as Rosie beaded her chin hair, but there is an action step needed.  Ladies?  Or gentlemen pluckers, if I am being fair?

*God bless my sister who pointed out to me that my forehead, although expansive, was a patch of even, blemish free skin.  Not something every teenager can report.  I was a relieved 14-year old when I learned this.

**Mothers will understand that milk or anything other substance can often particulate itself on your person without your knowledge.  I'm pretty sure "particulate" isn't a verb.  Should be.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Here is my sweet baby...no longer!  We didn't do much on her actual birthday, except for a photo/play session at Lundeen Park.   My daughter rocks.  When I was putting her down for a nap today, she asked for a hug, kiss and a "pound".  Seriously she put her little fist in the air!  
Now you should know this is not something Marcus and I ever do, but somehow its Bradie's new favorite thing.  

An athlete, a scholar (counts to three, knows her colors), and a very hip-and-with-it chick.  My little renaissance girl.

*for those concerned, TODAY we did cupcake, candles and presents and, of course, balloons in every color.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

passionate about lunch

Tomato soup made with milk, a palm of basil and a dash pepper

Panera country bread, grilled, touch of garlic salt

some chunks of cheddar to toss in and scoop out with bread

One can of Pepsi.  Utter deliciousness. 

Seriously, the baby was demanding the Pepsi, I swear! :)  I was going to take a picture since it was actually pretty, but well, I was famished.

Things are going well with my bod.  I am having some neo-nausea that I am not sure about sometimes, requiring me to run to the kitchen and grab a handful of mixed nuts or something similar at shorter intervals than I've experienced.  I should probably snack more, but its hard when Bradie wants to snack all the time too!  I also have randomly had some killer heartburn... maybe a boy perhaps? :)  I dunno, I just didn't have that at all with Bradie.  Hopefully we will know more on the 15th, which is when we get to have a peak inside the oven and check out this bun.  I'm feeling lots of little bubble pops when I am seated.  Fun!

Oh and the current fruit/vegetable status of the fetus is a large sweet potato! There ya go, Tiff :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

"she was an American girl, raised on promises"

Bradie is, of course, willed by the hand of God but is comprised of:

and a skosh of Native American Indian if you can believe it.  

Thanks to daddy she is a far distant relative of Christopher Marlowe and thanks to mommy she is related to every Mankamyer in the country.

Today however we are channeling Puerto Rico courtesy of some cranberry velour sweats reminiscent of J-Lo :)