Wednesday, October 3, 2007

passionate about lunch

Tomato soup made with milk, a palm of basil and a dash pepper

Panera country bread, grilled, touch of garlic salt

some chunks of cheddar to toss in and scoop out with bread

One can of Pepsi.  Utter deliciousness. 

Seriously, the baby was demanding the Pepsi, I swear! :)  I was going to take a picture since it was actually pretty, but well, I was famished.

Things are going well with my bod.  I am having some neo-nausea that I am not sure about sometimes, requiring me to run to the kitchen and grab a handful of mixed nuts or something similar at shorter intervals than I've experienced.  I should probably snack more, but its hard when Bradie wants to snack all the time too!  I also have randomly had some killer heartburn... maybe a boy perhaps? :)  I dunno, I just didn't have that at all with Bradie.  Hopefully we will know more on the 15th, which is when we get to have a peak inside the oven and check out this bun.  I'm feeling lots of little bubble pops when I am seated.  Fun!

Oh and the current fruit/vegetable status of the fetus is a large sweet potato! There ya go, Tiff :)


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Ah, a large sweet potato...cute! I have heartburn too, but I am carrying high, so I don't think it has much to do with gender, but more mechanical things I cannot control... Glad you're doing well. I can't wait for the big news on the 15th. :)

ellen b said...

So...are you going to announce the sex of the baby when you know???

sara said...

yes, ellen I will announce. I still have two veggie tales VHS, and Richard Scarry that belong to you :) Any ideas when I can make this return? I'm sure my late fee is astronomical by now.

Tiffa! Iam SO excited to see you! I need to call Erin for directions YIKES!

ellen b said...

I so wanted to watch those last night!! :) I'll be back in the Great Northwest from Thanksgiving till New Year's Day. We'll have to rendevous...

Mags said...

You must call me immediately when you find out that this is indeed a fella because it is on a Monday and I will be highly distracted! Also, don't you love when you make up your own, not from a recipe, deliciousness!That really is the best. Oh yeah, i don't have your new email, I must have deleted it somehow, please send!!love ya