Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A new low?

I remember laying out in the sun during the last week of February! But now there's nearly an inch of snow outside! It is truly depressing. My headaches as well. I'm pretty sure I did not drink enough water before my volleyball game yesterday. Also, Sesame Street is on. I don't play this card very often but with the weather and my pulsating seems like the right thing to do.*sigh* Maybe I will brew a late-morning pot of coffee. Mmm that's the ticket!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mom you are my hero!

Today I had a root canal. Not fun. I'd rather wax my legs or get a Pap smear, but the hole and exposed nerve in my mouth cannot be ignored. So my mommy came up to hang out with Bradie while I submitted to large needles and a smug dentist. It is a blessing having family that is willing to go the extra mile (or sixty!) to lend a hand. Mom, I'm so glad you and Bradie had fun today! Thank you!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pins and Needles

Nothing exciting, just literal pins and needles. All of the spring catalogs are arriving in the mail so that means lingering longer on the potty after going "number one" to plan my half of the expenditure of REI dividend points. Shall I get new shoes? Some new convertible pants? Bradie does need some galoshes as the drainage here is quite abysmal. Tax refunds, dividends and the impending spring. The only thorn here that keeps me humble is the flu season. Mothers of little children everywhere hold their breath.