Sunday, October 28, 2012

just shy of six months...

Bored of this game yet?  I will never be.  Here's the kidlets all grinning at right around six months of age.  Too fun! Gosh I love these people.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Look who's seven!

Bradie and her buddy Faith bouncing at the airpark on her birthday
FINALLY time for cake! Her patience was running low and she had done all that bouncing!

The baby that made me "mama" is now seven years old.  My heart is so full that I am flustered and only  cliches seem to fit: time has gone by so fast and it seems like only yesterday we welcomed Bradie and began to be a family.  I could not imagine life without this child.  She is a sweet, smart, funny girl who brings so much to the table.  Bradie will only continue to endear and challenge me as she grows.  I pray for her heart's soil to be fertile to the virtues being planted there.  May her outward beauty challenge her  heart to be the same.  You always hear about men being admonished to stand up and be real men.  My fierce hope is that Bradie will rise to the challenge of being a true and beautiful woman, a princess for the King.