Saturday, February 19, 2011

January Schmanuary

January, Happy New Year, blah blah.... its all highly overrated. Well, probably not, but that is what I say to cover up this inert place I have been dwelling. My life has been anything from lazy to harried lately so that leaves me flummoxed whenever I would sit down to post. Confession: I had to look up flummoxed. But flummoxed is how I felt whenever I considered posting. I mean, how do you update a neglected blog? Do you do it exhaustively? Do you provide vignettes? Is there anyone even reading this? More questions than answers, in my life as of late. Including, but certainly not limited to:
-are we going to live here for four more years?
-what elementary school should Bradie go to for kindergarten?
-should we buy a couch with our tax return?
-should I try growing my hair out per my daughter's request?
-should I switch to a dairy free diet during my luteal phase? (if you don't know, don't look it up)
-will this little tyke decide to wise up and put his urine in toilet so he too can go to school?
but, goodness, he is cute! Yeah, so it snowed...sometime... in January.
Bradie Snippet: Bradie is still allergic to cows milk. In the picture below, however, she is consuming her very first REAL quesadilla. I took a picture because quesadillas hold a special place in my heart as they remind me fondly of my mother and lazy Sundays and golf on CBS. The explanation of this miracle? GOATS! We heart goats! I had them do a goat milk scratch test on her, which came up clean. Goat cheese is cheap at WinCo. In addition to an artist and a cheerleader, Bradie would like to be an astronaut when she grows up. And also a pirate. "But the good kind that gives money to people that don't have any" So Robin Hood. On a boat, apparently. I love my daughter.
What else? Why is this blue?! Anyways, Lori and I have been back at it again with more shenanigans and tom foolery for church. Playing very loosely of the Real Housewives series we created the Real Housewives of the Old Testament as our women's Bible church is doing a character study series. Here I am as Eve. You should click on this. That is a real mink!
For installment two of RHOT, we tackled the problem that Eve has, quite literally, nothing to wear. Here she is sampling a Snuggie(O-town peeps holla!) and some sort of harness???
Really, Lori and I just have too much fun doing this! Making merry and the ability to laugh at oneself is an invaluable skill... keeps pride and general stuffiness at bay :)