Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bradie likes to dress herself now.  Oh, the joys.  Her favorite ensemble is a pleated, plaid skirt from the Gap and a multi-colored striped top from Target.  Yes, Bradie is looking for someone to take her clash bowling.  And according to the photos below she is also wondering...will YOU take her to funkytown?  Or to the roller derby.  Whichever is closer.

sweetest boy EVER!

I learned something from Christy, Case's mommy, about blogging.  Sometimes its tempting to only show our best on our blog, so here is a picture dedicated to "keepin' it real"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

just an update

My children are growing.  Beau, who is 16 weeks old tomorrow, is now asleep in his size 3 diapers and his 6-9 month sleeper...big boy!  He also laughs quite readily and is getting so good at holding onto toys.  And he has such eyes for his big sister, who might eventually slow down enough to really notice it.

Speaking of sister, we have had two mornings in a row of dry Pull-ups!  Come to think of it, I actually didn't have to throw away any wet Pull-ups at all today!  Only one poopy one, but even that one still had its little heart shapes on the crotch indicating no wetness!  Of course, Number Two is a big deal and such a relief for us to be accomplished but I am finding Bradie is really encouraged by her successes (we all are!) and we're just playing those up as best we can! Naturally, however, every poopy pull up involves talking about the Barbie that is waiting to befriend Bradie when she finally chooses to go.  The biggest thing I am celebrating with this is that I have finally let go of the fear of failing...the more I do so, it seems to speak unspoken volumes to my little girl and success seems easier to come by.  Go figure, right? :)

Marcus is doing well, he even rode his bike with his friend Troy the other day!  Fatigue still sneaks in, but its not as bad as it was after chemo round one.  He also FINALLY finished Gilead, which I have been excited to read.  Let's see...I'll share something you may not know about Marcus, just for fun.  He is an extremely prepared consumer.  He knows exactly what bike I'll need, what shorts he will want this winter for basketball practices, and even knows what car we'll buy if (heaven forbid it!) our car breaks.  There is, no joke, a tab up on our computer about cultivated gem stones.  I mentioned in passing that I would not mind owning a cultivated diamond someday.  He's like my own personal shopper if I ever wanted one. Sometimes I feel bad for Marcus, that he is living this low income life when his interests lie in several tax brackets above.  But it doesn't stop at shopping.  He knows about all sorts of crazy stuff that I often call "useless crap" but really I find the etherea* of the computer/techno gadget world interesting but overwhelming.  Like that iPhone for instance.  You can, like, surf the internet on that thing! So in theory Marcus could be shopping at the mall and checking the web for other deals elsewhere.  It may bring back haggling to the mall, who knows? 

Does anyone know what a Ludite is?  Marcus calls me one occasionally when I scoff at his passion for technology.  Is it something to do with Tiffany's mom?  Does it have to do with revealing naked parts of yourself in public places?  Hmmm....I think tomorrow I'll go to the library and look it up in an encyclopedia.  :)

*etherea is apparently not a word per the red squiggle line...but shouldn't it be???

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Being a mommy is easy!

*from the archive, still helpful to me and still TRUE

Not really. But there are some small things that can help you. Here's what I remember being very eye-opening as a new mom. Its not exhaustive by any means but....okay enough with the qualifiers, here's the list:

*Don't try and get a parking spot close to a store's front entrance; get one that is close to those cart return thingys, even right next to them if possible. This involves getting over the fact that your car might be dinged in the process. This advice is great even past the 50 pound, infant carseat phase.

*Always listen to advice, but don't feel obligated to follow. You never know when you can learn something ingenious.

*Don't read too many books. Knowledge is good and all, but once you get some basic info, try not to be a studier of all things parenting, it can make you feel crazy.

*Diaper wipes can be folded several times, revealing a "fresh" side with which to wipe up poop.

*Plastic shopping bags from the supermarket work better than any Diaper Genie or similar contraption

*You, as the mommy, will change instantly. You are immediately in love and it is incredible. But don't be shocked or feel guilty if you sometimes feel the need to grieve. With birth comes of a lot of "death" in quiet, unexpected ways. Things will never be the same again and that is a HUGE adjustment, so take this in stride.

* Some people (namely the daddy) take a little longer to make this change. Be patient and be not shocked about this. It is normal.

*Someday your baby will fart in your face. Like, enough to blow your hair around a little. Try not to freak out.

*Breastfeeding is HARD but so worth it. Somedays you may say "*&^# this!" but try and stick with it if at all possible. And it is not hypocritical that I add that it is NOT the end of the world if you decide to quit.

*Prepare to meet your Maker. There is nothing like a newborn to bring you to your knees and talk to God, even if you never have before. And that is no accident. He designed it to be so.

*An extension of your heart and soul is forever on your sleeve. This means life becomes more full and meaningful in a way you never imagined. It also means the possibility of deep pain, loss and suffering are more real.

*Enjoy your little one! They change FAST! Try to take time out to really be present in the moment each day...jot down what you observe if you feel like it. These random thoughts will be priceless to you in the future.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It has been one year since my father in law Carl went home to heaven.  If you at all followed Marcus' blog during that time, you must read his latest post dedicated to his dad.

I just read his post for the third time and find myself so thankful for all that God allows in our lives and reveling in His provision to carry on.  Without being broken we would miss mercy entirely. Without suffering, life would lack its sweetness.  Without risk our faith would become flabby...

Forgive my tendency to wax on! Please, just go check out his blog!  :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

three months

Nearly one year ago 
you began to shine my face,
mock my stomach
and pull dark doubts from among the skeletons.

you grew
and grew within a new purpose.
draped fresh in quiet fears,
your tiny heart beat despite
heat and stress and your sister wrestling me.

my second, my son
never think the surprise
was not meant

almightiness only works in exacting
measure as it pulls, prods and
shapes its tiny pots.