Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Being a mommy is easy!

*from the archive, still helpful to me and still TRUE

Not really. But there are some small things that can help you. Here's what I remember being very eye-opening as a new mom. Its not exhaustive by any means but....okay enough with the qualifiers, here's the list:

*Don't try and get a parking spot close to a store's front entrance; get one that is close to those cart return thingys, even right next to them if possible. This involves getting over the fact that your car might be dinged in the process. This advice is great even past the 50 pound, infant carseat phase.

*Always listen to advice, but don't feel obligated to follow. You never know when you can learn something ingenious.

*Don't read too many books. Knowledge is good and all, but once you get some basic info, try not to be a studier of all things parenting, it can make you feel crazy.

*Diaper wipes can be folded several times, revealing a "fresh" side with which to wipe up poop.

*Plastic shopping bags from the supermarket work better than any Diaper Genie or similar contraption

*You, as the mommy, will change instantly. You are immediately in love and it is incredible. But don't be shocked or feel guilty if you sometimes feel the need to grieve. With birth comes of a lot of "death" in quiet, unexpected ways. Things will never be the same again and that is a HUGE adjustment, so take this in stride.

* Some people (namely the daddy) take a little longer to make this change. Be patient and be not shocked about this. It is normal.

*Someday your baby will fart in your face. Like, enough to blow your hair around a little. Try not to freak out.

*Breastfeeding is HARD but so worth it. Somedays you may say "*&^# this!" but try and stick with it if at all possible. And it is not hypocritical that I add that it is NOT the end of the world if you decide to quit.

*Prepare to meet your Maker. There is nothing like a newborn to bring you to your knees and talk to God, even if you never have before. And that is no accident. He designed it to be so.

*An extension of your heart and soul is forever on your sleeve. This means life becomes more full and meaningful in a way you never imagined. It also means the possibility of deep pain, loss and suffering are more real.

*Enjoy your little one! They change FAST! Try to take time out to really be present in the moment each day...jot down what you observe if you feel like it. These random thoughts will be priceless to you in the future.


Christy said...


ellen b. said...

Who would have thought having a second child would make you so wise...

Cara Grube :) said...

Sara, these are so true! I love the one about the baby wipes...I'm always telling Matt that same thing! (he's a one-wipe wiper :))

I'm Erin Leigh said...

Sara.. thanks for the mommy advice. I loved all of it. You're an amazing writer.

Chris/ty said...

You hit the nail on the head. I loved this! Hilarious.

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Holy cow...I remember this from your very first post (the one that inspired me to start my own blog)!!! My fave is the one about the shopping cart because, even after being a mom for 7.5 months, I still forget to park near it and then I have a problem when I come out of the store...ah...Maybe now that I've read it twice, I'll be smarter about it all!