Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the latest

This is Bradie on Monday.  She spent the better part of the morning tossing her cookies :(.  Poor little thingy!  BUT...

WE POOP ON THE POTTY NOW!!!  Not one of those capital letters is exaggerated or unnecessary...its a freakin' big deal!  WOOT!  We are SO proud of our girl.  It is funny how I have used the flu as a catalyst in some parenting sticky spots before- Bradie was weaned during a bout with the flu at thirteen months and now all it took was a little diarrhea and voila, stool on the Stool. :)
Beauboy has been a crazy man lately!  He has one tooth and is working on two more.  In the process he sucked his upper lip so hard that he developed an big blister that turned into a pretty unsightly cold sore.  So added to the profuse drooling,  Beau's looking a bit ogre-ish right now.  And, as if the teething isn't enough, Beau is trying very hard to crawl!  He's doing the baby rock on all fours right now which is super cute.  Not so cute though is that for two nights in a row he has woken up and babbled for about an hour!  Last night he went from 9:45 to 10:45 just talking.   So mommy tensely listens waiting for the cry to crescendo but it never happens.   Then he likes to wake up at 4:30 am to start his day.  Oh, the joys.  I try not to do the math on the sleep I am getting because it might depress me.
Just a random Kyle shot here...he's totally "man" enough to rock the pink blankie.  I love this kid.  He likes me...sometimes.
Let's see, what else?  Ah yes, The Office starts up again tomorrow, supplying me with fresh quotes to geek out on.  My obsession with the Daily Plate is working- I have lost 8.5 pounds since August 26th!  Probably half of that is water of course, but the pre-pregnancy pants ain't lying!  Also motivating me is the specter of type 2 diabetes.   Having the disease during pregnancy WAY increases the likelihood hood of developing it later in life.  The shocker?  It hasn't been too terribly difficult.  I am eating pretty much whatever I want, but just less of it.  I am prioritizing things like ice cream and beer and peanut butter (three of my top faves!), having them once or twice a week instead of everyday (or until the six pack is empty or the carton has been scooped out!)  Just being aware of exactly what I eat seems to be the biggest key for me- I just didn't realize before that one beer with dinner for a few days REALLY adds up.

Phew! Off my soap box now, thank you for indulging me!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dr. Sarah Tancredi is ALIVE!*

Happy Six Months Little Man! This isn't even a cheesy grin...he smiles like this ALL the time! 

Bradie's developed a tic that involves unconsciously tucking her shirt into her pants (but let's be real...its usually a skirt)  Here is a great shot of that as well as some feigned shyness.

Thanks for taking me to the Evergreen State Fair Grandma and Papa!

What else is new? Ah yes, first day of school for Marcus.  He walked in the door, took off his clothes and went to bed.  He gets pretty wiped the first week, so I expected it.  

I have discovered Facebook, finally.  Talk about nuts!  But very cool- there are folks from my DTS that I've been looking for for YEARS! So that's cool.  My other obsession is  Its a calorie tracking device and food diary- it's pretty cool and I am stoked to be losing some baby weight finally.  No tricks just eating less and exercising more.  Imagine that, huh? Sorry I will now pull out my thesaurus and research other words for "cool".

Right now Marcus is watching 90210...WHATEVER!  I give it a few months at the most.

Bring Luke Perry back and then we'll talk ;)

*Fox's Prison Break has been redeemed for me!