Friday, February 29, 2008


NO VACANCY at the Hotel Providence!

A call at 6am, 12 pm, 2pm and 5pm proved fruitless.  Frustrated is an understatement.

So 5am we call again.

The only bonus is no leap year birthdays to contend with- although that might prove to be a very popular (and crowded) club to be a part of.

*humongo sigh*

Thursday, February 28, 2008

bebe manana por favor!

Well, it looks the like the diabetes caught up with me...two days before my due date!  All the testing that was never positive finally became so.

So off to the hospital tomorrow to have a baby.  So what I don't get to go into labor on my own?  I get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing Bradie will wake up to find a smiling Grandma Sally waiting for her!

We will post as soon as possible all the pertinent stats.

Say prayers please for mommy, daddy and little boy blue who.....still....does not......have a name! :)

Monday, February 25, 2008


I must confess first that I am not a fan.  That song, Big Girls Don't Cry, reminds me of my clinical during NAC training.  One of the NAs at the nursing home I was at sang this loudly, and rather passionately during meal know....WHILE we were all trying to help residents eat!  

And now my older, scruffy-bearded, beanie-wearing male neighbor has this song blasting in his suburban as he pulls into the carport.  The window's usually down.  And he leaves the keys in the ignition, music blaring, so he can hear his favorite song while getting the mail or pulling the garbage cans in.  It is easy and tempting to exaggerate on a blog, but I really am not.  It would be like me pulling up with Bradie in the back, Easy E thumping out of the va-car! :)  

But then there is the small part of me that is convicted by his confidence.  Oh, the number of times I have turned something down or rolled up my window or stopped singing along all together because I felt embarrassed!  

I think living here, in the Lake town "ghetto", is going to be really good for Marcus and I.  I think it will bring to the forefront much of our snobbery and maybe even shine a light on any prejudices we may have.  Then perhaps God will open a door and give us a heart to love our neighbors as HE sees them... because isn't that purpose of living in a community after all?

So, I may except a can of Budweiser offered to me.  And be truly thankful for it.  But being neighborly doesn't mean I have to like it, does it?

Some pictures that have nothing to do with this ranting of a post.  Enjoy! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

just the zoo

A young human, female, showing in-character excitement about trip to zoo.  She is consuming Veggie Booty and PB&J in this picture and it should be stated she is extremely dangerous if asked to share these items.

The young human observes the breakfast patterns of the hippopotamus, one of Earth's most dangerous creatures.  She observes: "Hippos suuuming (translation: swimming). Hippos having bites."

The gorillas are sleeping after a robust reenactment of Animal House the night before.  
This bear claims the groundhog has permitted him to remain hibernating.
The older female and the younger enjoy the antics of the goats.
On writing this post, I am 39 weeks and two days pregnant.  My belly seemed to stop growing, but an ultrasound today gave an estimated size 9lb 13 oz baby boy!  Uh... *swears in disbelief*.
On further discussion with the doctor, we both are thinking that is a high estimate and we're not going to worry BUT I am going to do another glucose test on Monday just to be certain my body hasn't slipped into a diabetic type stage.  If it has then an induction would almost immediately follow- boo hiss!  

So who knows? Maybe I'll go into labor tonight!  Or maybe I'll just give birth to a two month old when the time comes.  Sweet.

Friday, February 15, 2008

movie list

planned rewatches of:

a river runs through it (marcus found it at target the other day for like five bucks)

run lola run- then maybe the bourne identity cuz its the same chick dontcha know

bbc pride and prejudice- this is actually on channel 9 right now for the next couple of weeks, not sure of when.  Oh well, guess I'll just have to rent it and  start over.  Darn.  There is no matching text color for Lizzie's salmony pink/red dress by the way.  That one is my favorite. Do you think Colin Firth is available to be my birth doula?

city slickers

Is this listing movies a sign?  Ask Marcus, I am rarely patient enough to sit through movies at home. There's always something I could be doing.  But now I crave watching these like I was craving grape soda a few posts back....hmmm

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The lady that sold us paint on Monday asked if I was having twins (yes, we are becoming painting addicts).  Granted I was wearing a very unflattering velour zip hoodie, but come ON!  Good thing I have Marcus who reminds me that when I carried Bradie, I was HUH-UGE.  Wait a second...

I have learned that when it comes to being pregnant, the more form-fitting your clothes are the better.  Unless of course you are carrying twins.  I suppose you may want to tent that action a bit, even hunch your shoulders.  Especially if you plan to visit the Lake Stevens Ace Hardware for some paint.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

weekend warriors

For an excellent recap of our weekend please visit Marcus' Weblog.  There are pictures too.

So blessed...

The ladies from my table at our evening Bible study threw me and another gal a surprise shower! Neither of us had a clue!  Those ladies are so great.

Ahhh....warm fuzzies!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bradie's Makeover

Here are some shots of our very FIRST haircut.  Maybe I will post a few flashbacks later so you can be reminded of why we had to wait 28 months for a haircut! :)

She did so well in the little speed boat chair with a bin of toys on her lap.  I love my daughter- amongst all girly stuff, including a naked Barbie, she finds Clifford the Big Red Dog and is STOKED:

"CLIPPER!"  she shouted.

I am happy with it.  Her bangs are too short for my liking but they are pretty sparse per my request. (I do not want bangs halfway back on her head!).  She looks very 1920's to me. 

Sunday, February 3, 2008

who needs history?

I must admit I was not a previous fan of the New York Giants or the New England Patriots, but after listening to various analysis and commentating, I chose to root for the Giants to win the Superbowl.

You see my entire life, athletically, probably romatically, has been steeped in the theme of the Underdog.  A part of my soul longs for the Underdog to rise high above expectation and find victory over the Favored.

So thank you to the writer of the Ugly Duckling and the flick The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Here's Emilio Estevez and his Mighty Ducks!  A glass raised to Elizabeth Bennett!!!!

And tonight, thank you to Eli Manning and his Giants.

Viva la Upset!!!!!