Thursday, February 28, 2008

bebe manana por favor!

Well, it looks the like the diabetes caught up with me...two days before my due date!  All the testing that was never positive finally became so.

So off to the hospital tomorrow to have a baby.  So what I don't get to go into labor on my own?  I get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing Bradie will wake up to find a smiling Grandma Sally waiting for her!

We will post as soon as possible all the pertinent stats.

Say prayers please for mommy, daddy and little boy blue who.....still....does not......have a name! :)


Cara Grube :) said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you!! And I can see where you'd be a little bummed about having to be induced, but atleast you haven't had it scheduled for's still a little bit of a surprise to know that he's coming today!

Good luck! We'll be praying for a quick and easy labor Ü

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Sara, we will praying for you. I will let Tiffany no about you, she is in Montana. Cant wait to meet your little guy. Best wishes on a quick and delivery.

deena said...

and who will only have a real birthday once every 4 years. what a cool kid. whatever his name is. jeremy suggests: chesterfield as a name. what?

laurab said...

Praying for you and your little boy.....