Friday, July 31, 2009

summer snippets

This is the picture I put in last and it comes up first. That last statement was for me, not you, dear reader. Dear Reader?! Who do I think I am Dear Abby?!
Okay, so inspired by my go-getter friend Christy, who is so good at getting the heckfire out of her house, we made some short notice plans with the Lynchs and went on over to Spokane to visit. I took a PATHETIC amount of pictures but here IS a good one of Casey, as well as Maggie. Casey is the strapping fellow and Maggie is the pretty lady up on the wall just to the left. Can you believe Casey painted that?! I suggest clicking on this one folks. It is a good thing that Maggie is so down to earth because I'm pretty sure my ego could not take seeing my mug all over the house. Seriously, this guy is good, people! Maybe a plug or maybe I just love my dear friends!
Okay. So always take home those little mini-hoses they have in shoe stores. They happen to fit perfectly on toddler heads. Add a too big button up shirt and you have the 90's all over again. Party on.
So what is better than snuggling with your Auntie to watch a June thunderstorm? I know, not much.

At bedtime tonight, the temperature of the nursery was 80 degrees. This was thrilling. It got down to 75 this morning!! And to think six weeks ago, I would have freaked out if it was 75 in there at NIGHT! I am acclimated and am moving to Louisiana...


And the best for last: last night we had some folks I went to high school with over for dinner (the Backlunds, hooray!) and it was great, but the best part was the following conversation I had with Bradie:

sort of talking to herself and to me she says "motha"

I say, "where'd you learn that Bradie? On the street?"

Bradie, quizzically, says "Sesame Street?"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oh, Sweet Pea, won't you dance with me?

I know, four pictures of flowers, but I grew these from seed for the first time this year and I am a proud mama :) Plus I am having a rough day today and what better way to cheer up then cutting, arranging and SMELLING these girls! Love it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fractured Cinderella (and out of order too!)

Here's his grace, the Duke.
Cinderella says "ha ha! The shoes do not fit you wicked stepmother!"
BOING! The Duke's monocle is knocked from his eye by the shoe that does not fit the evil stepmother/photographer.
Cinderella, the princess, is overjoyed to learn she will live happily ever after!


Monday, July 13, 2009

hello stranger

well it is a week for reunions for me. On Saturday I trek down to the Gig to attend my 10 year high school reunion. Whoa (like Joey on Blossom). I am looking forward to it. Should be interesting at the very least. I have harangued some good friends into going so at the very least it should be fun to see them. And meet their husbands :)

I don't know why but I keep thinking that various other people should go to, random people. Like some friends from DTS and Summer Staff and Brad and Brady and Mark and Lori and Mags, basically if all of my small group could come with me, now that would be fabulous.... basically people that have been a part of my last ten years, I want them there too. THAT would make it the complete package weekend of remembrance. Impossible I know but this girl, whose love language is time, can dream right?

I really annoy myself that I don't blog more. Right now the vice that prevents writing is How I Met Your Mother Seasons One thru Three on generous loan from SIL Caren (who has MOVED TO OLYMPIA, PRAISE JESUS!) Marcus and I are currently addicted... he actually just walked in from being gone all day at basketball camp and asked, "Wanna watch some How I Met Your Mother?"

Okay, so you are probably like "blah blah blah Sara, where are pics of the wee ones?" I will post some of those soon too. And give you a couple vignettes. Beau has four molars and can climb onto the couch. This afternoon he actually stepped straight off the couch and ATE it. Poor Dude! He is also very jibberjabbery and has the most expressive lips often thrusting them out in a hyperpucker when concentrating. Bradie got the expressive eyes and Beau has this funny little mouth that tells a story. He also gives real hugs now that are beyond precious.

Bradie is doing well. She is very sassy and disrespectful at times and we are working on that. It is very hard actually. I pray for wisdom all day and for patience and try to ask her "what is going on in your heart, Bradie?" She asked for some privacy to pray the other day and I do all in my power to remember the sweetness of that moment and to let it encourage me to keep runnin' that race! She is also very tan and very blonde and if she looks like this at fifteen we are in for it :)

I think that is all for now. Pictures soon. We really should talk more often.