Thursday, March 7, 2013


Beau has been signing his name, in print or while typing, as Beau4 for the last year and now its time to update!  I can't believe our little buddy is five.  I can't imagine life without this all-boy boy.  I would not know about the satisfying experience of Lego building.  I would be far less versed in weaponry. I would miss crossing the street with my traffic-cop-in-training. I wouldn't know the joys of tackle hugs. 

Beau you are a wonderful boy.  I hope that you will always find a way to sit down with your mama for the occasional grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch that we both so appreciate. I hope to be an example of grace for you to follow since you are still a little miffed when things don't happen with justice perfectly measured.  May this childish bent fuel a mature passion to see people treated with dignity and empathy.  

Oh, our Beau.  You are loved!