Monday, November 21, 2011

a truly pathetic post- Schoolies

I will try to type even though there is much dust on my keyboard. The shame, the shame.... anyways, my children are both in school now! Well, they have been for the past two months, but I am moving on from that lapse in mom chronicling. I must forgive myself!

Bradie started kindergarten and is doing very well! Her teacher is impressed with her skills and her sweetness, and really that's more than we could ask for. She is such an eager and enthusiastic learner. She is right on the cusp of having reading click- really she can do it, but I don't think she's quite confident enough to believe that she can. So we do lots of practicing and out loud word games where she thinks about the words she's saying and the sounds they may include. We are so proud.

Beau is in the three year old class at preschool and doing pretty well.... I think. It's quite different because I remember Bradie really blossoming noticeably when she started preschool, so maybe its a curmudgeon-y boy thing? Bradie was practically 4 when she started so maybe that is it, I don't know. And Beau is very much a 3.5 year old, although I do notice he's starting to become a bit for flexible here and there. But I do know I haven't had any calls from the teacher about behavior issues or pee in the pants :) I just know that I am enjoying my little man quite a bit, nuzzling and kissing on him lots before he gets hairy and too cool for mom to touch him in any way.

What else? Oh yes, we will be welcoming Meriweather #3 in late April. And that is such a blessing, every child is, but I think I realize it more clearly this time. After watching the door of adoption close in a slooooow, limbo-filled way and yet having a certain, remaining desire to add to our family, this seemed like a joyful and logical conclusion. I didn't think it would be a stressful surrendering of my heart, but it was, as I had many doubts. But now Marcus and I feel peace, a shared peace, over this new direction.

So, yes, there's much to be thankful for!