Monday, February 15, 2010


Last evening my children attended their own Valentine's Party at the Schwenkes and had a great time! I did Bradie's hair circa 1998 and it looked so cute. This girl has really good hair so far. I mean seriously, too too cute. Marcus and I had a nice little date. We weren't this cute by any means but I think we appreciate the whole thing way thanks friends!
Fancy Nancy indeed!
This is a picture I snapped after we got home late one night and just HAD to have a bowl of cereal before retiring. I was shuffling about, tidying up and such, when I came around the corner to a "moaning" daughter. That cereal must have been good! For those who can claim any intimate acquaintance with my kids know of the this "moaning" and if not, well, you are missing out friends!

Monday, February 8, 2010

3:19 pm, the tail end of nap time...

Only TWO more JV games this week!

I just made myself a cup of coffee because we are attending one of the aforementioned games this evening. It has half and half in it. It is delicious. I think my Chemicalmate, I mean Coffeemate, days are over.

A "real" post will be coming soon!