Wednesday, April 6, 2011

some other March stuff in April...

Early birthday visit to the Gig, where the next generation finally had some outdoors time in the fort/smurf pond where Heather and I would play. Not together though, I was way too pesky and loud for my sister. At least now we are friends. Far better late than never at all, I say! Above in the tree is my niece Emma, who is TEN!? Crazy.

We hiked the Lime Kiln trail yesterday as a family, no rain and BEFORE the snow, so win win :)
Had some special play time with special friends.
So I turned 30, finally. It was really nice and my family really took their time to celebrate me, which is always wonderful. Marcus actually surprised me with an overnight away! We stayed down on the waterfront and it was very nice. Auntie Caren took the kiddos and she is so good with them that I truly experienced close to 24 hours of not a care in the world. Marcus also got me one of my favorite gifts ever- a dutch oven which produced my first (and definitely not last!) artisan bread loaf that is pictured above.