Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Loaded

I love this time of year in general, but this year has felt especially golden throughout and now that it is officially spring and we've been treated to a few cooperative days, I am encouraged and inspired. 

There's so much that I often think or experience and I say to myself, "blog fodder!" but I am so undisciplined to sit and write.  I used to write all the time! Not just on the internets, but in journals and notebooks and emails and letters.  With an embarrassed lump in my throat I admit that I used to be a writer. Now I feel a bit numb and awkward as I sit here and try to pick out some words to say. Blah. 

Don't call Dr. Phil, though! I'm not depressed or anything, I swear! I am a reader still. Maybe its just a season.  

Anyway, this is all very droll, so lets talk current events shall we?

 Brooks tries frozen yogurt for the first time! He made this face every few bites. So funny
 Easter egg hunt at Grandma Janie and Papa Dave's house.  What a spectacular Easter Sunday! And in March too!
 Bradie clowning around. No literally. "mom! I want to dress like a clown! Can I use your shoes and Dad's tie?" Um, okay. Also, please note: those dolls on the black shelf and the black construction paper on the wall represent the angels at the tomb of Jesus and the rolled away stone. In the convoluted mire that can swallow up days of mommy hood, its nice to see that SOMETHING is getting through.  There IS fruit. By the grace of God. Amen!
 Speaking of, yeah.  Beau is pretty special, folks!
 This guy is 11 months old. I know, CRAZY!  Where'd the time go, I'd like very much to know? He's getting all kinds of personality up in here. Such a fun stage.
Proud owner of five teeth. Numbers one through four are visible here. Number five is shy and hiding stage right :)

I wish I knew of a flowery, more expressive way to say it, but I'm at a loss: I just love my little family. I'm just so thankful.