Friday, July 31, 2009

summer snippets

This is the picture I put in last and it comes up first. That last statement was for me, not you, dear reader. Dear Reader?! Who do I think I am Dear Abby?!
Okay, so inspired by my go-getter friend Christy, who is so good at getting the heckfire out of her house, we made some short notice plans with the Lynchs and went on over to Spokane to visit. I took a PATHETIC amount of pictures but here IS a good one of Casey, as well as Maggie. Casey is the strapping fellow and Maggie is the pretty lady up on the wall just to the left. Can you believe Casey painted that?! I suggest clicking on this one folks. It is a good thing that Maggie is so down to earth because I'm pretty sure my ego could not take seeing my mug all over the house. Seriously, this guy is good, people! Maybe a plug or maybe I just love my dear friends!
Okay. So always take home those little mini-hoses they have in shoe stores. They happen to fit perfectly on toddler heads. Add a too big button up shirt and you have the 90's all over again. Party on.
So what is better than snuggling with your Auntie to watch a June thunderstorm? I know, not much.

At bedtime tonight, the temperature of the nursery was 80 degrees. This was thrilling. It got down to 75 this morning!! And to think six weeks ago, I would have freaked out if it was 75 in there at NIGHT! I am acclimated and am moving to Louisiana...


And the best for last: last night we had some folks I went to high school with over for dinner (the Backlunds, hooray!) and it was great, but the best part was the following conversation I had with Bradie:

sort of talking to herself and to me she says "motha"

I say, "where'd you learn that Bradie? On the street?"

Bradie, quizzically, says "Sesame Street?"


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Motha...that's too much. Bless her sweet little heart that she thought you meant Sesame Street.

So is Casey the one who did mine and Kory's picture you gave me for my wedding? I LOVE that picture, BTW, and you're right, he is really good.

Funny how our reunion is producing little reunions...that's great you dined with the Backlunds! Which brings me to my next point, when shall we reunite?!? soon, I hope!


ellen b. said...

Oh man there are gangs in east L.A. that wear hair nets on their heads LOL. That photo is great. Casey is talented. Blogger could use some improvements to their post and edit page for sure!!

I'm Erin Leigh said...

oh... that sesame street! Thanks for posting! hope you are staying cool!

Christy said...

I do like to get the heckfire out of my house :)