Friday, February 15, 2008

movie list

planned rewatches of:

a river runs through it (marcus found it at target the other day for like five bucks)

run lola run- then maybe the bourne identity cuz its the same chick dontcha know

bbc pride and prejudice- this is actually on channel 9 right now for the next couple of weeks, not sure of when.  Oh well, guess I'll just have to rent it and  start over.  Darn.  There is no matching text color for Lizzie's salmony pink/red dress by the way.  That one is my favorite. Do you think Colin Firth is available to be my birth doula?

city slickers

Is this listing movies a sign?  Ask Marcus, I am rarely patient enough to sit through movies at home. There's always something I could be doing.  But now I crave watching these like I was craving grape soda a few posts back....hmmm


ellen b. said...

PBS series Sunday nights from 9 to 10:30!

sara said...

Thank you Ellen! I knew you'd know ;)

jl said...

yes, i watched part 2 last night. i couldn't wait until next week so i pulled out the dvd this morning and watched the rest. :) - deena