Friday, February 22, 2008

just the zoo

A young human, female, showing in-character excitement about trip to zoo.  She is consuming Veggie Booty and PB&J in this picture and it should be stated she is extremely dangerous if asked to share these items.

The young human observes the breakfast patterns of the hippopotamus, one of Earth's most dangerous creatures.  She observes: "Hippos suuuming (translation: swimming). Hippos having bites."

The gorillas are sleeping after a robust reenactment of Animal House the night before.  
This bear claims the groundhog has permitted him to remain hibernating.
The older female and the younger enjoy the antics of the goats.
On writing this post, I am 39 weeks and two days pregnant.  My belly seemed to stop growing, but an ultrasound today gave an estimated size 9lb 13 oz baby boy!  Uh... *swears in disbelief*.
On further discussion with the doctor, we both are thinking that is a high estimate and we're not going to worry BUT I am going to do another glucose test on Monday just to be certain my body hasn't slipped into a diabetic type stage.  If it has then an induction would almost immediately follow- boo hiss!  

So who knows? Maybe I'll go into labor tonight!  Or maybe I'll just give birth to a two month old when the time comes.  Sweet.


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Oh dear...9#13? Bless that little human! I'm wondering...what is veggie booty? Love the zoo pics. I can't wait to have moments like that with Avery!

kisses and hugs...can't wait for little boy M to come! :_

ellen b. said...

Nice. Josh was 10#
love the photos of your day at the zoo...

Cara Grube :) said...

Sara, I love this post! You always make me smile! I totally read it with a monotone, whisper-like, male voice in my head...just like on Nat'l Geographic Ü

Well, best of luck with the little (er, big?!) man...he's going to be perfect, even if he is the size of a 2 month old! Ü Yay, more babies!!!