Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The lady that sold us paint on Monday asked if I was having twins (yes, we are becoming painting addicts).  Granted I was wearing a very unflattering velour zip hoodie, but come ON!  Good thing I have Marcus who reminds me that when I carried Bradie, I was HUH-UGE.  Wait a second...

I have learned that when it comes to being pregnant, the more form-fitting your clothes are the better.  Unless of course you are carrying twins.  I suppose you may want to tent that action a bit, even hunch your shoulders.  Especially if you plan to visit the Lake Stevens Ace Hardware for some paint.

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I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

OMG....One of my biggest pet peeves was constantly hearing how huge/big/gigantic I was. No girl wants to hear that. You look fabulous and you sport the bump well. Screw ACE hardware and their stupid paint ladies. (Sounds harsh, but I'm very passionate about the word 'big' when pregnant!!!)