Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mom you are my hero!

Today I had a root canal. Not fun. I'd rather wax my legs or get a Pap smear, but the hole and exposed nerve in my mouth cannot be ignored. So my mommy came up to hang out with Bradie while I submitted to large needles and a smug dentist. It is a blessing having family that is willing to go the extra mile (or sixty!) to lend a hand. Mom, I'm so glad you and Bradie had fun today! Thank you!


ellen b. said...

so sorry to hear about your dental ordeal. Hope you feel better. Glad you have a kind mommy!
love, LNB
P.S. Is your middle name Jane?

Tiffany said...

Sara, love your 'blogs'. This is cool...I think I might try it. As a woman who is hoping to soon venture into motherhood, I have found your entries inspirational and heart warming. You should write a book. Love you!
PS, sorry about the dentist stuff...absolutely no fun!!