Saturday, October 13, 2007

cutie patootie

Okay, remiscient of funny Rosie, you know, Rosie without a platform, I find myself unable to avoid discussing my facial hair.

For those who know me well, you are already aware of my disdain for my eyebrows.  Or lack thereof. I have a sizeable forehead and no brows which, if I am not careful, can produce a conehead-look.*

Well this morning while slathering on the Oil of Olay (I know, shocking), I felt a weird....coarseness on my brow.  Upon leaning in, I discovered one brow hair, quite thick feeling and quite "clear".  

A gray brow???!!!! Or is it blonde?  Should I pluck it out?  I am a total newbie. I scratch it now and feels like a dried milk splash or something.**

Anyways, I will not be beading my brow as Rosie beaded her chin hair, but there is an action step needed.  Ladies?  Or gentlemen pluckers, if I am being fair?

*God bless my sister who pointed out to me that my forehead, although expansive, was a patch of even, blemish free skin.  Not something every teenager can report.  I was a relieved 14-year old when I learned this.

**Mothers will understand that milk or anything other substance can often particulate itself on your person without your knowledge.  I'm pretty sure "particulate" isn't a verb.  Should be.


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

I'd pluck it, but that's just me. I'm a plucker. What a funny time in life to finally sprout a brow!

Love you! Tiffany

Mags said...

The key is good light. You need to be in the car on a nice sunny day. That's when I can see all my pluck worthy hairs the best. Then you can tell if it is a gray or not. But either way I would probably pluck it for the sheer texture and inability I would have to resist touching it!! Mags