Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First Bike Ride

Thanks to our new friends the Schwenkes, we have a loaner trailer to try out to see if something worth investing in- and judging by this expression, the answer is "heck yes!"  Check out the duck helmet too!  Bradie calls it her hoomit :)

Speaking of friends, I feel so blessed these days.  Marcus and I were invited to join a small group of four other couples for fellowship and study.  These people include old friends Mark and Lori, and some new "old" friends.  I say it that way because of how funny it is to meet up with all these people again after making acquaintances several years ago.  Thanks to the Malibu connection! :)

One couple, Jeff and Tanya, were on assignment at Malibu when Marcus and I were serving as Summer Staff- Jeff was on program and Tanya was a head leader.  Rich and Aly were up there the same time as well...Rich was the speaker!  A few days ago, I was flipping through the channels during nap time and saw Brandon Heath on like channel 19 or something playing some of his new songs!  Okay, God I get it! :)  So I walked down memory lane there for a few days really pondering all the great things God was doing during those weeks in June/July 2000.

Fast forward....now I am in a small group with these people!  It's pretty funny actually.  I mean literally...there's something about Younglife folks that cause both Marcus and I to feel at home. A shared vision?  A similar sort of take on incarnational ministry? People who can really laugh at life and themselves? Probably all three! :)

And this post wouldn't be complete without...

Yes, my mom's birthday is Halloween and if you knew her, you would know thats pretty perfect for her.  She's fun.   She's been bringing a smile to this world since 19... well, after World War II :)  Hope your having a great day!

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ellen b said...

Hi Sara!
Fun times in your neck of the woods. That's great that you've been able to reconnect with old friends and love Jesus together! Blessings...