Thursday, November 1, 2007

pumpkin day

This picture kills me.  Look at our mouths... she DOES look like me a little bit! :)

the "gaffe" costume.

Yesterday also marked Bradie's first candy experience.  Gummy Savers, to be exact.  Unless you count the popsicle she had at the Leffel's last spring :).   I couldn't tell if the other parents were simply shocked or appalled also.  Two years is pretty good to be candy free.

Unfortunately, we may never have candy again.  At 2am Bradie woke up crying and talking...loudly.  This was not the crying out in a sleepy state that is easy to ignore.  I brought her into our bed and tried to return her at 3:20...more angry, LOUD tears.  She then slept through both of Marcus' alarms and up to 7:15.  Related to the candy?  Who knows.  But I am not going to take my chances anytime soon :)


Bridget Beth said...

I love it!

MarknLori said...

I remember last year when Mac had her first M and M at Halloween time - it happened at music class when other parents brought snacks to share. It was at that time I realized that she really did not eat a lot of "kid" food ... no fruity things, candy, raisins and stuff like that. Of course she, unlike Bradie, had sugar before [ice cream/cookie/crackers] but not candy type things - but times do change ... now at almost three, she is an expert on sugar! Oh dear, how times change ... and quickly!