Tuesday, October 23, 2007

de ja vu?

Today my friend Christy and I met up at Lundeen Park to feed the ducks with our short people. As we left, both of them had red cheeks and were in diapers only, their clothes wet from wading in the lake...on OCTOBER 23rd?!?!?!  Its totally nuts.  The wimsy-side of my brain appreciates it but the rest of my incubating bod does not!  I even gave Bradie a cool water bath tonight before bedding her down in her toasty bedroom.

Here are the stats from the 2 year visit yesterday, for those who like numbers:

nearly 28 pounds, 65th percentile
35 inches tall, 78th percentile
47.8 cm around her noggin, 58th percentile
and not to be downplayed, 2 stickers to make the whole experience, including one vaccination, bearable :)


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

It's hard to believe that she's two already. I remember you bringing her over to my parent's house in the Gig when she was brand new!!! :) Time flies...

ellen b said...

Katie was going on and on about how hot it was when she walked out of work! Surprising. We were 95 yesterday and probably 90 today double yuck!!