Saturday, August 11, 2007

Packing and Potter-ing

Don't ask me to find Frank's doggy shampoo, my yarn or any sweaters...I'm too busy cruising through the Harry Potter series!  I have just started the Prisoner of Azkaban- I am anxious as I thought this particular movie ROCKED!

Today we unearthed some items definitely in the "crap" section of our belongings but they smelled so nicely of Marcus' long-neglected pipe tobacco I couldn't bare to throw them out.  I swear that stuff, unburned, is better than potpourri. 

A little glimpse into the life of Bradie (I will interpret):
I take LONG naps
teeth move in gums...make me MAD
I grow therefore I EAT
I put swimsuit over shoulders reminiscent of stylish, drawstring back packs (ok, I coaxed this)

pretending is fun
styling mom's hair is fun
if I am barred from any fun deemed inappropriate by M or D, I get MAAAAAAD! (no Bradie, you may not stay out in the car and play with the buttons!)

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