Saturday, September 1, 2007

I want somebunny to love

We took Bradie to the Evergreen State Fair today!  Her first fair trip and mine after several years of no fair action...I truly was giddy!  It was fun, a little harrowing with no stroller or other baby corralling device, and definitely busy on a Saturday afternoon.  I put a little note in Bradie's pocket with her name and our cell phone numbers, just in case.

We visited all the livestock and whatnot, which Bradie enjoyed immensely.  No camera, because we are lame, so sorry to grandmas! :(  Honestly though, having the giant Canon swinging from my neck as I labored to herd Bradie this way and that is not that easy.  That kid is a mover and a shaker, developing a penchant for running like Phoebe.  

It was a good trip, although I think Marcus is a little bitter about his choice of snack.  He got a funnel cake and a strawberry lemonade that set him back like $500, whereas I opted for the good ol Fisher Fair Scone at a bargain price of $2 (at one dollar a piece).  Stick to the classics I say.

For those who care, I am now reading the final installment of Harry Potter.  The Half Blood Prince was AMAZING and will make an outstanding film- can't wait to see all the snogging :)


Mags said...

I love that you put a note in your daughter's pocket. You should always bring a stroller to the fair-you never know what kind of s*@# you are going to have to carry. Pardon my french but it usually ends up being exactly that which you are carrying?!?! Love ya and miss ya.

ellen b said...

Note to grandmas! Christmas is coming maybe a nice small compact digital camera would be a great gift for Marcus, Sara, and Bradie. Go in together with someone...Just a thought :)