Friday, August 27, 2010

Bradie's First Backpacking Trip!

Go to Marcus' blog and read a GREAT post about some daddy/daughter bonding.


tiffany jeanne said...

i can't even tell you how warm that just made my heart. I mean, all the trips i took with my dad starting when I was 3 just came flooding back to me. what special moments they must have had...and them both with their headlamps on are too darn perfect. i will be directing my parents to this blog to read...i bet my dad will be totally tickled by it! he might even hum the 'daddy daughter time' song he made up many a year ago!

xoxoxoxo thanks SO much for sharing!

♥ Erin Leigh ♥ said...

This was a great post... I actually teared a little when Bradie fell right asleep. What a cool thing for daddy and daughter bonding time! Love it!!!