Monday, September 13, 2010

goings on

Happy 1st day of Preschool! Moving on up to the 4 year old class is Bradie Lady seen here in a stunner of a peasant inspired dress courtesy of Kohls. And Auntie Caren :). She is a reluctant starlet... or something... not sure what exactly this face means. I think it is the same face I make when someone pitches me an idea that I think is a bad one but I am trying to be gracious. Beau's clothing, I know you are curious, is courtesy of the greater Snohomish County Hand-me-down system. I love that system!
SO excited about this latest acquisition! Mark and Teri delivered us a bunk bed they had sitting in their basement! It is pretty much exactly what we wanted too and that part of the blessing just tickles me. But apparently it does come with strings. Mark and Teri's grown daughter warned them that "they'd better take care of it!" A Velveteen Rabbit of a bunk bed is very precious indeed.
Fatty fatty two by four... these sunflower heads are enormous! Sorry if you are tired of me obsessing over these.
Close up: Does anyone know if I should cut this down? Let it keep going? What?
The back of the giant seed head catches a bit of rainfall and flying insects LOVE the plant making it a perfect attraction for this cute little opportunist.

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Maggie said...

I think if you let it go to seed you will get more next year? I think. I would just leave it until it drops seeds and then chop it down.