Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beau's one year visit was today! I am just beside myself at how fast his first year came and went! I had to post a one year pic of Bradie just because I love how different they look yet you can still see the relation and I MUST remind myself that Bradie was once a baby too...although this is beginning to fade into memory :(

Beau's stats as follows:
20 pounds 5 ounces 14%
29 1/2 inches 40%
46 cm head circumference 38%

Little man! Okay so I pulled up Bradie's one year stats today and they measured the EXACT same in length and Bradie was 3 ounces heavier at one year!

What tickles me the most is that their laughs are on their way to being identical :)

Gotta go hit record.... its Office time!