Friday, October 15, 2010

What's an "ode", mommy?

Dear Bradie,
Won't you come and oblige mommy with your presence and smile at a birthday photo shoot? I know are busy in your worlds of make believe but your new dress and the bright blue sky were made for you...
I know this feeling. So does Homer Simpson. So does every human being. It is called "Doh!" Much of life will not even come close to perfect and that includes you... give yourself grace as you grow and learn, my dear.
Wearing your heart on your sleeve will get you into trouble sometimes. It may also make it easier for people to connect to you. I pray your authenticity only grows deeper and richer, sweet girl.
You love to laugh and have fun. Your laughing, candid smile melts my heart.
My prayer for you is that you continue praying. And that you would have a strong character. And that you will share your beauty, inside and out, with our world that needs it desperately.


ellen b. said...


Kristen said...

Oh, how sweet Sara! She is such a doll!

♥ Erin Leigh ♥ said...

beautiful post, sara! snd great pics of your daughter!

ayen silly said...

bradie is so adorable ! :)