Saturday, December 4, 2010

maybe SHE will Scrabble it up with me...someday

The kids are watching a movie right now. We've been trimming our Charlie Brown tree for a good part of the afternoon, naps were skipped, and I need a little bit of quiet to gather my thoughts.

While wiping glitter drifts from my dining table I hear Bradie call out, "Mom, can I have something to nibble?"

I wasn't sure that was what she said, so to confirm I repeat "Nibble?"

she answers, "yes, nibble is another word for something to eat."


Maggie said...

That's funny. Maybe she will. Or she'll be one of those people like my dear friend Jamie Hopkins who was always defining words for people and telling them they were misusing them...don't let that happen.

tiffany jeanne said...

i love scrabble. :) and this little post made me smile!

Mary-Jane said...

Fancy Nancy influence?