Sunday, October 10, 2010

Five Years Old

Our little Miss has enjoyed a weekend of birthday wonder to celebrate her five years! On the actual day of her birthday, Bradie went to preschool where she brought birthday snack, brought in a sharing item (think show and tell) AND was the star of the day! I mean, wow! And THEN on Saturday some little buddies came in costume to join our pumpkin covered house for a raucous party.

Here is Bradie in her ballerina outfit, a gift from Grandma Sally, which she LOVED. I did her hair up and even put make up on that sweet face. SO fun!
Close up of the sweet face :)
Here we are with our neighbor friends Corrina and Randi.
Even Mommy and Daddy dressed up :)
Here's a secret about Marcus: he is REALLY good at handling a group of littles. He would say "ears!" and they would all stop talking and cover the ears and look at him, waiting for instruction. Awesome. Here they are playing pin the smile on the Jack o' lantern.
And a little secret about me: I do not like planning parties. I like going to parties- that is my gift :)- but planning sends me into a little bit of a tizzy of anxiousness. Seriously, my eye was twitching for a week and a half! BUT I am growing. It is becoming a little easier for me and I actually had fun, which is a blessing for this non-planning planner :)

Our weekend of Bradie's 5th is still going on as I type! Grandma Janie, Papa Dave and Auntie Caren came up for today to have Bradie (who was NOT sick of opening presents) open some more presents!!! One of which was a brand new 16'' bike! Afterwards we hit the lanes for a highly competitive round of bumper bowl and then Famous Dave's for various sauce-covered meat products :) Now we fill the living room taking in Disney's souped up version of Beauty and Beast, courtesy of Grandma and Papa.

phew! What a weekend! Thank you to all our friends and family who helped us celebrate our BIG girl. I hope to post some more photos soon.


ellen b. said...

Sweet! The second milestone birthday! Before you know it she'll be 13 then 16 etc. etc. Enjoy this sweet time...

♥ Erin Leigh ♥ said...

5 seems so much fun. and you and your hubby are darn cute!

Christy said...

Happy 5 years to Bradie!
You are a beautiful little girl. Thanks for being such a great friend to Kyle and Kaden. They had fun at your party!
We love you!
and sara, I am proud of your party planning skills :)

Maggie said...

I love the hair and am glad you had fun. I was hoping you would!