Saturday, March 31, 2007

On Vacation

Vacations to Spokane are very exotic. Last night I went on a literal excursion to the Sullivan Fred Myers to get Bradie her precious soy yogurt. From Herald that is very far.

I already spent some time last night with Margaret, chatting away. She kills me. Here's a quote from Mrs. Lynch:

"He doesn't understand the connection between a clean living room and sex, but there is one."

Marcus and I will be-heading over there to see both Maggie and Mr. Lynch, hopefully we will play a serious round of Guillotine. E-PUNS ROCK! :)

I also wanted to say a quick thanks to Grandma Mary who was telling me that she has been enjoying my blog! Thanks so much for reading, grandma XOXO!

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Tiffany Jeanne said...

I cannot even tell you how true that quote your friend made is. I'm still giggling about it. :) Hope Spokane is treating you well. How was the drive over there?