Friday, March 2, 2007

Our first "heartbreak"

Bradie doesn't understand the sadness and anticlimax of a March snow. She cannot appreciate that the calendar will say spring in only a couple of weeks and seems much farther away in reality. She does, however, appreciate possessing items. I made her a snowball with the sticky, melting snow and she clutched it in her mittened hands like it was gold. She said "ba, ba, ba". I said yes, that is a ball, a snow ball. The heartbreak occurred because she could not understand why her beloved new ball was not allowed in the house. Thank goodness she's such a little gnat. Now she is trying to suck imaginary milk out of her baby's bottle, her snowball but a memory.

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Tiffany said...

Can you believe there was actually enough snow on the ground to even create a snowball? However magical snow is to young children, adults and me, alike, are wishing for even the meekest of signs associated with spring...hmmmm. When will it be here? Love ya! Tiff