Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maybe it's the Dimetapp talking but...

Another lunch at Dave and Jody's had me pining for this beach on the Oregon Coast. Ahh, luscious. I love these Spiros. They are super neat folk. And there are many of them to choose from. At my church they come out of the wordwork. Or rather they are the wordwork :). I was telling Jody today about how I was slightly weirded out at first because it seemed like everyone was related. But maybe I am a bit jealous. Jealous maybe because I am still a little non-commital about Lynnwood, and they all seem so at home. But mostly I have hope. Maybe God is calling us to let our roots sink deep here, maybe not. But because of people such as these, Lynnwood/Edmonds is more than a place on a map with overpriced real estate, it is a place that could potentially be a real home to my little family.

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Bridget Beth said...

You are so sweet!!

And I still owe you an Edmonds beach rain check, dearie.