Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's day afternoon down in Edmonds. It was LOVELY! Bradie loves sand. I'm pretty sure we could have stayed for hours.
Marcus got to do some male bonding/hiking/beef jerkey eating with Beau and Josh. Here's Beau and Marcus perched on a boulder in....drum roll....Boulder River. I think people that name crap in nature get bored.
A cool blessing. This photo was taken April 25th 2004 after Marcus had an accident with a Jeep that didn't obey "yield when turning left on green" By the grace of God, Marcus was not hurt at all and our car was a total loss. We were struggling with our car payments/poor decision making from even purchasing this brand new vehicle. Adding to the debacle, Marcus hit an uninsured driver. Well, we finally got the hundred buck deductible back! Praise the Lord! This little check couldn't arrived any sooner!



Tiffany Jeanne said...

I wish the people who made up medical terminology would get bored...instead they over-achieve and create two or three names for every body part or disease ever discovered. Happy Mothers Day!


Ellen B. said...

I love those random checks from God!