Thursday, July 12, 2007

for grandmas

please click on link and scroll down a bit to see some quintessential Bradie 

Also enjoy my adorable friends and their equally adorable children.  Feel pity as well, because when this picture of Bradie was taken poolside, I was being fitted for a temporary crown....yuckity!

Oh I almost forgot! Not only did Bradie enjoy the peanut butter pretzel nuggets, she also indulged in some rainier cherries.  Let's just say she over indulged:  I have never in my life seen so much poo come out of such a little was everywhere on her and even a little on the carpet.  After the shock wore off, I think she rather enjoyed the shower at 6:30 am via the rubbermaid pitcher! :)  I don't think  she enjoyed the next two hours of laundering, scrubbing the tub and spot cleaning the carpet.

I am usually the careful sort that strives to learn and then live...motherhood has taught me that this is impossible to achieve always.  Messy inconveniences are so effective, burning themselves into memory forever.  And maybe carpet as well.

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