Monday, July 23, 2007

What do you mean I look like my Daddy?

sweet pepper tortelini is GOOD!

You know it!

Mags taking it to the hole.  You can't see it, but there are several impressed kindergartners.  Hoopfest is magical I tell you.  

Gotta love cry-face.  Feels a bit wrong at the moment, but I'm so glad Marcus took these pictures.   There's more where this came from. I will post them randomly

I just went on a delightful walk.  As I sit and blog, my leg muscles are twitching. This is a miracle since I've mostly felt like passing out after I lay Bradie down at night.  Maybe I can regain some stamina I had at the beginning of June.  

For those who track pregnancies and various fruit, my womb is the size of a medium to large navel orange.  Per the RAD physicians assistant I saw today for my first OB appointment. She was super nice and jovial.  And when your wearing nothing but a cotton poncho-thingy, a sense of humor is a plus.  Next month we should be able to hear a heart beat with the Doppler. Sweet!

Oh, tomorrow is the big inspection of our townhome.  Prayers for that.  Hope you enjoyed the pics- I meant to post these awhile ago but couldn't see the thumbnail pictures so was clueless as to what I was posting.


ellen b said...

Oh, Congratulations! A baby and a townhouse. Blessings...
I really enjoyed the photos!

Bridget Beth said...

I'm so excited for you!!

Mags said...

Those are some sweet photos of me can you send them this way so I can impress people with my mad dunk skills on a 1st grade sized hoop! I am super excited about the house!