Wednesday, November 14, 2007

loving at the moment

-most things chocolate
-curried egg salad sandwiches...yum
-cold skim milk
-David Gray... Marcus? Brad?  Bueller?  His tunes are my November salve :)
-obsessing over the Writers Guild strike (go to officetally to learn more)  It's so interesting to me to read the debates between both sides
-feeling The Boy move in my belly
-painless "practice" contractions
-Nerds, as in the candy
-the fact that Bradie is napping after skipping two days...hooray!
-that Marcus continues to assure me of my beauty though I am gaining ounces daily
-the prospects of the Two Hour Turkey next Saturday! If you aren't sold out on your method, take a peak at Safeway's recipe.  I made it twice last year and it kicks major arse!
-eggnog chai latte, the powers combine to make a Captain Planet sort of drink :)
-and this girl, of course

Here we are channeling some Pines & Sprague bag lady action 
(you must be a Spokanite to appreciate, sorry!)
Bradie and "I" are into paper crafting.
 glitter glue, construction paper, magazine clippings and, strangely enough, camels.  I have cut out more camel shapes than I ever thought possible. These are the kind with double humps, so I'm pretty sure I'm getting arthritis in my hands
contrary to MaryLou Retton, Cheerios are the breakfast of champions. 
Or of highly adorable and athletic toddlers.


MarknLori said...

OH I MISS the Sprague bag lady ... I cannot belive how much she looks like her ... we even saw her when we were in town this summer - she was looking as HOT as ever [as in way tooooo much clothing!] That made my day!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Love the pics, and your list of "I loves". I loved chocolate and the Nerds Ropes at the end. I still love chocolate even though the pregnancy is over. I dreamed about it during a nap today. How funny!

Janie said...

Grandma and Papa are rolling on the floor laughing. We will wave to the bag lady next time we pass her.... or maybe not...

ellen b said...

Love that bag lady photo even though I'm from the westside!
fun photos...blessings...
3 more days and I'll be in God's country!!!

Branden said...

Hey Sarah, there is something so...special about channeling the bag lady! Anyway it's great to read your blog, I love it. I miss you guys!