Friday, December 21, 2007


This morning I made waffles for just Bradie and me.  I was celebrating the fact that I did NOT sleep with her last night!  Man, this cold is totally kicking her little butt- its turned her into a completely different person.  It appears to be the same cold that Daddy had last week complete with a cough that sends her into cough spasms, sooo sad.  But Marcus' cough got better quickly after he reached the cough attack hopefully....*utters silent prayer*

I am also celebrating 30 weeks of pregnancy.  This is such a great time of pregnancy because every day that goes by, my little boy could be that much better off if I had to deliver him early for some reason.  Its also the homestretch to having my body somewhat back to myself and meeting our little son and brother.  Its exciting. not so exciting is... I am officially waddling.  I get up after being seated for awhile and the aches and pains in my back and hips warrants the worst waddle.  If I am walking purposefully for awhile,  its not bad, but those first few steps just kill (thanks to a sacroiliac joint gone awry) I also am basically on lower carb diet to keep gestational diabetes at bay, which is good but takes a little forethought.  Normally this is doable but with the extraordinarily whiny Bradie, its been a bit challenging this week.  And of course these holidays and that darn fudge....

Anyway, we are leaving for Spokane this afternoon.  The getaway, the friends, the family that LOVES Bradie and an absence of chores staring me in the face might be just what the doctor ordered.  So bring on the lefse, the stockings,  the Margaret, and the snow (come on Spokane, don't let me down!!!!!)

Does anyone know if the Tokio weigh station sells toddler tranquilizers?  :)

*if you would like to read something more deep and meaningful that my complaints...go to Marcus' weblog, he just posted a terrific blog last night! (he was WAY past curfew but that is a different subject) :)

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I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Love you Sara! Merry Christmas! Give that cute little blond-haired girl a hug for me, and hug your belly for me too!