Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We have been busy.  Busy being blessed at baby showers.  Busy eating delicious white chocolate raspberry torts at showers.  Busy hanging shelves and nesting in general.  Marcus has been researching ways to cool our home this summer- see, men DO nest!

I finally got to meet Avery!  What a blessing that was!  Tiff, Ludy and Miss Avery came all the way up to attend my shower.  She is really cuter than her pictures and one of the most feminine little babies ever...tiny, girly features.  She fell asleep twice on my mom, which is so comforting to me, that my mom's still got that baby Midas touch that will be so helpful to me that first week.

My belly showboating pic is at approximately 35 weeks...for those who care about those sort of facts.  I actually just started to really jut out this last week and a half or so.  I've been carrying this boy much smaller than I did Bradie, which has been ironic and delightful.  I think the second time around your organs and whatnot just know to get the heck out of the way! And on Thursday I have the big appointment with the doctor!  She'll check to see if there's any, uh, progress???  Then my appointments become WEEKLY!  This is all happening very fast.

Here's Bradie and her buddy Kyle at the zoo.  They are about a year and a some change apart, if you are curious.
Holman shelves hung tonight!  Now we must dig our photos out of the box they moved in and decide who makes the cut.


Cara Grube :) said...

Sara you look fabulous!!

Hope you get some time to rest before the new baby arrives Ü

Avery's Aunt Jamie :) said...

Wow Sara you look AMAZING! Cute baby bumb! I love always checking out your pictures of bradie and your blog cracks me up!

Hope you are doing good. don't oyu just love Avery? She is so fun!

ellen b. said...

Look at you in all your glory!

lucy said...

Sara, you are gorgeous!